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Emergency Care & Pain Management at rosebank animal hospital

Emergency Care & Pain Management For Your Pickering-area Pet

Rosebank Animal Hospital in Pickering understands the love you have for your pet, and we love them too. That’s why we do everything possible to help them when they are in pain, including  

performing surgery

prescribing medication.

offering arthritis management and geriatric care to help minimize your pet’s pain and increase their mobility as they grow older.

Emergency care should be directed to Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital or the Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region.

urgent help at rosebank animal hospital

Is Your Pet Suffering?

We offer emergency care and pain management for your four-legged loved-one.

Identifying Pain

Pain is not always visible, but uncharacteristic aggression or irritability or any sudden changes in your pet’s personality may indicate pain. Decreased appetite, timidness, reluctance to walk, run, or play may also be due to pain. There are many other indicators of pain. If you are concerned or worried about your pet, please call us.   

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